26/12 – [Compilation of Tweets] 2014 JYJ Japan Dome Tour ~一期一会(Ichigo Ichie)~ Concert in Fukuoka on 24 Dec (Day 2)

26/12 – [Compilation of Tweets] 2014 JYJ Japan Dome Tour ~一期一会(Ichigo Ichie)~ Concert in Fukuoka on 24 Dec (Day 2)

Picture & Live tweets trans credits: rubypurple_fan + ning225 + XiahDerTod + xiaholic0420 + JyjBabylove + DVelyyy + _WithXIA + Pierrot_in_JYJ + kaju0731 + XIA_aqua + Jyj_Thankyou + cOOl_bOaRdEr7 + hong1606 + ChiRi_XIA + Virginiaboy6002 + mignonjun + hellyryther + Chicken_XIA + heedoljjang + mjmungzi + mint_micky + JYJ_247 + mitsumani + Mymybuchu + Jen_BabyLove + JYJ_ssunny
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

  • rubypurple_fan: YC: The Japan Dome tour is short this time. I want to do a longer tour next time.
  • rubypurple_fan: JJ: The members have prepared a Christmas present. JS and YC: It’s a secret~
  • rubypurple_fan: JJ: Let’s have a fun and long ment today!
  • rubypurple_fan: It’s a full house in Fukuoka Dome! ^^ Glad fans are there to spend their Christmas eve with JYJ ^^
  • rubypurple_fan: Arrangement for Keshou has been slightly changed. JJ smiled before the last verse~
  • rubypurple_fan: YC: I don’t want this LIVE to be over since it might be 3 or 4 years for JYJ to have another LIVE.
  • rubypurple_fan: The male fans are very active today www
  • rubypurple_fan: At the end of the song, YC said, I love you, thank you.
  • ning225: The staff brought Junsu’s jacket out today keke
    Fanboys screamed Junsu’s name and Junsu yelled back THANK YOU
  • rubypurple_fan: JS: my Japanese is a bit lacking during Tokyo live but in Osaka and now Fukuoka, I think my Japanese is 50% like 5 years ago. www
  • XiahDerTod: Js snowman, JJ Santa and Yuchun Christmas tree Lol
  • ning225: JS snowman JJ Santa bag? YC Christmas Tree
    JJ is wearing the Santa robe with nothing underneath and checked pants. With a white bag around his head. I don’t know what to make of it.
    Junsu’s snowman outfit looks like poofy dress lol
    The bottom hoop for Junsu outfit came off XD
    Js asked JJ is his a Xmas present concept and JJ said yes
  • xiaholic0420:

  • ning225: Just now JJ had the bag on his head on backwards and he had to turn it to show his face XD
    jS said JJ is a smurf and they hummed the theme song
    YC said JJ is sexy.
  • xiaholic0420:

  • JyjBabylove:
  • kaju0731: at the opening, 3 boys said ‘we’ll do special one bc today is Xmas’ though, I think THIS IS IT!! 😀
  • DVelyyy:

  • ning225: Js exclaimed that JJ is cool and JJ said YC is cute
    yC put up JS’s hood top
    yC’s red nose LMAO
    JJ is putting his bag hat back on
  • DVelyyy:

  • Pierrot_in_JYJ: 헐 크리스마스 삼인방
  • _WithXIA: SoSo 부르는 올라프 준쨩 미리보기 #찾았다내씹덕 #내가찾던씹덕 #준수 #김준수 #XIA #눈사람요정
  • Pierrot_in_JYJ:
  • XIA_aqua:

  • XIA_aqua:
  • xiaholic0420:
  • rubypurple_fan: yuchun as Christmas tree. Complete outfit even with a star on top of his head. I can’t….. Hahaha
  • xiaholic0420:
  • hong1606: 엄마 나 이 트리사줘

  • rubypurple_fan: What’s fun is they’re doing the whole ment in these costumes hahaha
  • _WithXIA: 20141224 눈사람준쮸💖⛄️
  • ChiRi_XIA: 눈샤람ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅌ 미치게땅 사랑스러워
  • XiahDerTod: Junsu the snowman was super cute, just like a baby
    And Jaejoong th sexiest Santa I’ve seen haha he took off his Santa shirt at the ene, half naked JJ!!
  • XiahDerTod: When they appeared ar begin of So So, fans laugh like crazy haha
  • DVelyyy:
  • cOOl_bOaRdEr7:
  • ChiRi_XIA: 눈샤람💕 오구오구
  • cOOl_bOaRdEr7:
  • mignonjun:

  • XIA_aqua: 다시 감정잡고 라이온하또🎄💕ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Virginiaboy6002: christmas tree yoochun www 🎄
  • heedoljjang:

  • cOOl_bOaRdEr7:
  • rubypurple_fan: Fans gave chocolate boobs to Jaejoong. So JS(?) asked him if he licks or bites. JJ said he licks… /faints at the innuendo hahahaha lol
  • rubypurple_fan: JJ: It’s not the end but a new beginning. 😭
  • rubypurple_fan: JJ: Pls wait for us in two years… Or two years more
    JJ: I sincerely wish I wouldn’t introduce our last song ㅠㅜ
  • ning225: The dancers came out with white strips under their eyes to stimulate tears
    The dancers tossed JJ in the air first and he called for YC next. When they lifted JS they made to just carry him off stage.
    When JJ called YC’s name he ran to the extended stage and the dancers chased him.
  • _WithXIA: 20141224 헹가래 준쮸💓 가 아닌 이대로 납치 >_<
  • xiaholic0420:

  • hellyryther: Yoochun is crying cr RT @yuchun6003: ユチョンないてるし(;_;)
  • hellyryther: JYJ-We’ll keep showing our hard working self to all of you from now onwards too RT @yuchun6003: 本気で頑張る姿をこれからも皆さんに見せますって
  • Chicken_XIA:
  • XiahDerTod: Junsu was crying hard 😭 Yuchun cried too Jaejoong was in tears but he didn’t cry
  • XIA_aqua:

  • rubypurple_fan: JJ said they can’t sing the old songs in full coz they don’t own the copyright and no permission to sing the songs.
  • rubypurple_fan: JJ: we will continue to have activities as long as we can, as long as the fans are here.
  • Jen_BabyLove: So Jae confirmed both Yuchun n him will go into military service next year
  • heedoljjang:
  • Mymybuchu:

  • XiahDerTod: I would give Yuchun an award for best outfit, Junsu as cutest outfit & Jaejoong as sexiest outfit hahaha
  • XiahDerTod: Jaejoong as always Yuchun & Junsu big brother
    Jaejoong told Yuchun and Junsu came to him, they hugged tightly, seems like Yuchun & Junsu were crying when they hugged
    After their hug, Junsu was still crying so he turned his back to us 😭
  • XiahDerTod: Yuchun volunteered to help Junsu put on his snowman hat
    Junsu didn’t plan to put on the hat again becoz it’s hot but JJ & YC put their hat on already so YC said Junsu had to put his on as well
  • XiahDerTod: Jaejoong was checking if Yuchun & Junsu wear shirt underneath their costume since he doesnt wear any underneath his >\\\<
  • XiahDerTod: Noone want concert to end probably JYJ themselves as well, Jaejoong kept on talking or just looked at fans shouting JYJ
  • XiahDerTod: Junsu and Jaejoong threw their Christmas outfit to fans, Yuchun kept his Christmas tree for himself kk the Christmas tree outfit was daebak
  • XiahDerTod: Everytime the camera came close to Yuchun or when he was singing i couldn’t hold myself from laughing pls YC actions XDXD
  • hellyryther: After Incredible,Junsu returned to the backstage to see JaeChun waiting for him in the costumes so he had to wear it too cr @clearwater118
  • JYJ_ssunny: 눈물참는 우리 jyj

  • mitsumani:
  • JYJ_247: 141224 메리크리스마스이브 !
  • JYJ_247: 141224 후쿠오카
  • mint_micky:
  • mjmungzi: 나오늘 박유천땜에 여러번 브이텍

  • mjmungzi: 시무룩.tree



Back Seat MV
Ayy Girl (Remix)
Ment 1
Let Me See
In Heaven
Keshou/Makeup – Jaejoong’s solo
Between the sky and you – Junsu solo
Saiai(/Best Love) – Yoochun solo
Butterfly – Jaejoong’s solo
JJ’s short ment
Ultra Soul – Jaejoong solo
I Love You (Remix) – Yoochun solo
YC’s short ment
서른/Thirty/Lazy Life – Yoochun solo
Story – Junsu solo
JS’s short ment
Incredible – Junsu solo
So So
Chajatta/Found You
Ment 2
Lion Heart
Be My Girl (Remix)
Break – Dancer time w/ Mission
Back Seat
Be the One
Ment 3
Wake Me Tonight


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