26/12 – [Trans] JYJ, Dome Tour finale finally! From First Love in Japan to Popular Gags….. Christmas Eve Heated Up

26/12 – [Trans] JYJ, Dome Tour finale finally! From First Love in Japan to Popular Gags….. Christmas Eve Heated Up

Source: Kstyle
Translated by: Jen_BabyLove of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

The Japan Dome Tour of JYJ reached a finale while being showered by passionate cheers from Fukuoka fans.

C-JeS Entertainment said “JYJ did their Japan Dome Tour finale in Fukuoka Yahoo Auction Dome on 23rd and 24th December. The venue was bustling with fans here to watch the Dome Tour’s last concert, and JYJ mersmerized fans with their perfect live performance. The tour started in November at Tokyo Dome, followed by Osaka and Fukuoka, mobilizing a total of 240,000 fans. Demonstrating their unchanged popularity in Japan, JYJ heat up Christmas eve with a glamorous finale at Fukuoka’s performance”.

The final performance of Japan Dome Tour started off with explosive cheers from fans who filled-up the entire venue. Raising the curtain magnificently with a powerful dance number, JYJ enliven the atmosphere with the comment “This is the final performance of Dome Tour and we want to put in all our energy. Everyone, are you ready to enjoy yourselves?” From the worldwide album released in 2010 to their 2nd album [JUST US] released this summer, the performance of songs in various genre put all eyes on the stage, while songs like Jaejoong’s [Ultra Soul], Yuchun’s [Sai Ai] and Junsu’s [Story] in Japanese were also performed for fans.

To commemorate Christmas Eve during yesterday’s (24th) performance, JYJ prepared a surprise event for fans. About mid-way through the concert when they were to sing ballad “So So”, members appeared on stage wearing different Christmas costumes and shocked fans. As soon as JYJ appeared on stage wearing those Christmas costumes, fans raised their cheers louder and the atmosphere of the venue reached cllimax. Then, they performed new song “WAKE ME TONIGHT”, scheduled to be released on 21st January in Japan, and gifted fans who turned the place all red with a fantastic performance.

The effort put in by JYJ to try communicating closer with fans than ever before was apparent in this Dome Tour. By joking with fans, JYJ was able to shorten the distance with them, and eventually also disclosed stories about first love and popular gags, turning the air into an atmosphere of harmony. Not only that, but with serious talks on how happy they feel standing on stage, precious memories with members and their own music etc., they opened up their hearts to fans who have been by their side supporting them these long 10 years. It was meaningful time spent while talking.

Also, besides making fans wild with 3 members’ impressive harmony during their A cappella performance, JYJ was also able to show-off their charisma with sexy and powerful dance numbers, something that only JYJ the artists can do. Fans who filled-up the dome also responded with passion by raising their cheers and fully enjoying the performances.

When JYJ talked about this being the finale of their Dome Tour and how regretful they are (T/N: how they will miss performing), their eyes tear up. “I wish time will just stand-still now but we are really happy. we feel so happy being able to meet all of you here, and we will not forget this memory. Through the Dome Tour, we were able to feel all your love. We will go back with the huge energy we get from you”, a comment given with heart and made the fans feel touched again.

Nozomi-san (24) whom we met at the Fukuoka venue said “I waited for the Fukuoka concert only and the time here was really wonderful. I will never forget especially the memory of how JYJ looked during the Christmas costume event they did for fans. I am really grateful to JYJ”.  Satsuki-san (30) said “my tears fell from the very first song. I am so happy being able to see them as JYJ in Fukuoka since they last came here 5 years ago. JYJ who talked and laughed with fans, JYJ who sang wearing Santa Claus costume, it was a great performance with each moment not to be missed” expressing her satisfaction.

After mobilizing 240,000 people in their Dome Tour starting from Tokyo in November, then Osaka and Fukuoka, JYJ will release their much anticipated first single in Japan [WAKE ME TONIGHT] on 21st January.


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