26/12 – [Trans] JYJ responds to fans’ questions! [The Bond of 3 Hearts…. Just Being Together Is Happiness] – Commemoration of Japan Dome Tour

26/12 – [Trans]  JYJ responds to fans’ questions! [The Bond of 3 Hearts…. Just Being Together Is Happiness] – Commemoration of Japan Dome Tour

Source: Kstyle
Translated by: Jen_BabyLove of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

JYJ is in the midst of holding their Japan Dome Tour [2014 JYJ JAPAN DOME TOUR ~ Ichigo Ichie ~] which started at Tokyo Dome on 18th and 19th November. After the roaring success at Osaka Kyocera Dome on 13th and 14th December, the tour will see its finale on 23rd and 24th December at Fukuoka Yahoo Auction Dome.

We at Kstyle asked for and gathered your questions for JYJ before the tour finale. We collected so many questions from you. We got JYJ members to respond directly to some of these questions! This interview takes a look at how the bond of JYJ gets even stronger on their 10th debut anniversary.

[T/N: Interesting read. I’ve spent some time pondering over how to translate Jae’s last response because I personally think that is the most important part of this interview. But that’s just me and I’m sure you will find bits & pieces here and there which are your favs. Happy reading and Merry X’mas people!]

Questions on [2014 JYJ JAPAN DOME TOUR ~ Ichigo Ichie ~]!
Q: Please let us know how you feel about holding your first Japan Dome Tour this time on your 10th anniversary year!
Jae: This is our first Dome Tour as JYJ so we were rather nervous but the anticipation is way bigger. There were already so many fans welcoming us since our touch-down at the airport, and when I see those support I thought to repay them with a wonderful performance. I am really grateful to fans whom, even when we can’t meet them often, still fill-up the concert venue and enjoy with us. We’ll do our best performing like before for the remaining concerts while enjoying it with fans.

Q: We want to know the ONE thing that remains in your heart during this tour, if any.
6002: The day after our 2 performances in Osaka was Junsu’s birthday. All the fans sang the birthday song together when we were on stage. We held a birthday party at the drinking (T/N: alcohol as celebration) party after our performance with staff. Every time around someone’s birthday, we each have our schedule and it was difficult gathering the 3 of us for birthday celebration but this concert, we were able to celebrate together and it was really great.

Q: What is your favourite song in the set list your perform during this tour?
Junsu: Our first performance of  the song [WAKE ME TONIGHT] at Tokyo Dome! The single [WAKE ME TONIGHT] to be released in Japan has a happy rythm to it and a song where everyone can enjoy together so I thought fans will probably like it. We have not release an album and I was just excited about performing it for the first time on stage, yet fans were really pleased so I was happy.

Q: JYJ’s LIVE was THE BEST! When was the moment you feel that you became ONE with the fans during LIVE?
Jae: I think I felt that in every moment, from the time I go up on stage to the time I come down. Coming all the way even from very far just to see our performance, filling-up the entire venue with a tight sea of red waves, these kind of support gave us huge strength. Listening to 1 of our songs and then our short talk, those moments of mutual understanding with our fans, I feel that we have become one.

Q: After the concerts, how much do you feel “aaaah, we’re so loved”? Roughly how many percent?
Junsu: I can’t describe that in numbers or any adjective. I’m not sure how to express what everyone looks like but being loved so deeply by fans and seeing everyone so happy from the stage is such happiness for me, and I want to tell them I appreciate it!

Q: Do you have something you want to do besides holding concerts in Japan?
Jae: I have lots of friends in Japan and many restaurants I frequent, so there are many things I can do. Rather, I am the one who want to ask. What are the good places for 3 of us to take a rest when we travel in Japan (not city area)?

Individual Questions for Junsu / Jaejoong / Yuchun!
Q: Junsu-san, please let us know the reason you chose your solo song “Sora to Kimi to no Aida ni” (T/N: Between the Sky and You]. It was really touching.
Junsu: It’s a song I like personally and when I was preparing my stage for the Japanese fans, I thought about how the song will be like if I sing it as my own version. So I chose it. The reaction from fans was good so it was a rewarding stage for me.

Q: Jaejoong-san sings quite a lot of slightly older songs. How do you get to know and listen to these old song?
Jae: Some time ago, I happened to listen to “Arukitai” (T/N: I Want To Walk) when I was riding in a car along the road in Jeju Island, and thought it was a good song. When looking for it I also found the Japanese version. I thought it’s a waste just me knowing the song and so I wanted to sing it, and contacted the original singer Cho Yong Pil senior directly. I am very pleased to be able to introduce this wonderful song to so many fans.

Q: Yuchun-san, you got 5 Best Newcomer awards with your debut movie “Fog Across The Ocean” (original title “Sea Fog”) (T/N: the movie title has been changed for the Japan market).Give us your honest thoughts about this.
6002: I’ve received such tremendous love because of the movie “Sea Fog” this one year. It was my debut movie and the filming was done at sea, yet I was able to enjoy the filming amidst very different environment which I’m not accustomed to. I feel that “Sea Fog” was loved by many people and I am happy. I thank many people including those movie-goers who supported “Sea Fog” and Dong Shik. I want to meet all of you again with a higher level of acting skill and a good production.

The Bond of JYJ…. [Just 3 of Us Together is Happiness]
Q: What do you think is good having activities together as 3 members JYJ?
6002: Just being together as 3 is very enjoyable. We do many individual activities even in Korea so we hardly have time to meet each other, which means that when we get together as 3 after a long while, we are so happy just being able to meet. Doing activities together as 3 instead of individually is more comforting pyschologically. We’ve started doing activities together since our 2nd official album was released in July, the Asia Tour and now Dome Tour. It was great to be with members whom we always rely on doing these activities.

Q: When the 3 of you are together, what do you talk about that excites you (T/N: literally it means “that makes your mood go high”)?
Junsu: Nothing special. We ask and listen to what each other has been up to lately, and mostly talks in a group chat room. We say beforehand about interesting episodes we want to talk about when we meet, we watch together contents related to certain interesting movies we saw recently or subject of interests, exchange our views, watch clips on gags together….. Nothing’s changed from last time.

Q: It’s been 10 years since you first came to Japan. What do you think has changed these 10 years?
6002: The thing that has not change these 10 years is the love we get from fans I think. The place where we are able to become MOST sincere and honest, the place where we can be happiest is on stage, I can say this with confidence that it is the moment when we stand in front of fans.

Q: The “bond” between 3 of you is strong but do you convey your feelings to each other directly in words? Or do you just feel it without expressing it with words?
Jae: Yes. As to how much, it’s already beyond the level of we meet each other, look into each other’s eyes and feel the thoughts behind. Now, even by just listening to others talking to a member, I can kind of know that he is probably thinking a certain way. I know even without expressing with words. Our relationship has reached a stage whereby we can even feel things that are not explicitly expressed in words.


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