01/01 – [News] Follow The Boys to Jeju with The JYJ Magazine 4

01/01 – [News] Follow The Boys to Jeju with The JYJ Magazine 4

Picture Credit: C-JeS Entertainment via Tenasia
Source: International BNT News UK
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

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The fourth issue of ‘The JYJ’ Magazine will depict the men’s trip to Jeju Island.

CJeS Entertainment just announced, “We are releasing the covers of the fourth issue of ‘The JYJ Magazine’, which will be published in both Korea and Japan in January. Like the previous issue, this edition contains the collaboration Kim Jae Joong, Park Yoo Chun and Kim Junsu with famous photographs, telling the story of their trip to Jeju Island.”

“The members personally discussed with photographers to pick the places where they wanted to shoot. Kim Jae Joong went for a ‘healing journey’ alongside Nature, Park Yoo Chun expressed the last journey of a man in his 20s and Kim Jun Su wanted to embrace Jeju’s mysterious places, with sunsets and night views.”

On the covers that the company revealed today, Kim Jae Joong gives a strong yet pure impression, as if he was a very young man curious about life while Park Yoo Chun interprets a college student freed by a backpack trip and Kim Jun Su goes for a black and white charismatic shot on the beach.

Meanwhile, the fourth issue of ‘The JYJ Magazine’ will not only contain beautiful photographs of the men’s travel but also back stories of their shooting, interviews or a making film.

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