26/02 – [Gifs] When Troll Yoochun gets Trolled by JaeSu

26/02 – [Gifs] When Troll Yoochun gets Trolled by JaeSu

Credits: Yoochum + kjj-paradise + everdeen
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

Usually this is what we see when JYJ’s members get together:

Operation: Trolling Junsu Success! XD

 photo tumblr_njqv2sgvcm1qe3kfyo1_500_-everdeen.gif

 photo tumblr_njqv2sgvcm1qe3kfyo2_500_-everdeen.gif

 photo tumblr_njqxhfUM1o1qe3kfyo7_500_-everdeen.gif

 photo tumblr_njqxhfUM1o1qe3kfyo8_500_-everdeen.gif

But this happens when Yoochun down his guard:

 When Troll Yoochun gets trolled XD XD XD

 photo tumblr_njqxvg1EhQ1rrjsivo1_500_Yoochum.gif

 photo tumblr_njqxvg1EhQ1rrjsivo2_500_Yoochum.gif

 photo tumblr_njqxvg1EhQ1rrjsivo3_r2_500_Yoochum.gif

Another take

 photo tumblr_njqzd22pkQ1r0vczwo1_500_kjj-paradise.gif

 photo tumblr_njqzd22pkQ1r0vczwo2_500_kjj-paradise.gif

 photo tumblr_njqzd22pkQ1r0vczwo3_500_kjj-paradise.gif

 photo tumblr_njqzd22pkQ1r0vczwo5_500_kjj-paradise.gif

 photo tumblr_njqzd22pkQ1r0vczwo4_500_kjj-paradise.gif

In JYJ no one is safe, Not even Jaejoong (and his Oppai choco‘s story) XD


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