26/02 – [News] ‘Sea Fog’ Park Yuchun, ‘receiving from the audience’ his 5th Newcomer Award

26/02 – [News]  ‘Sea Fog’ Park Yuchun, ‘receiving from the audience’ his 5th Newcomer Award

Source: The STAR Chosun

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Park Yuchun is being awarded his 5th Newcomer Award.

Giving an enthusiastic performance in movie <Sea Fog>, Park Yuchun –who’s gotten up to 4 crowns, when he was awarded the (Best) Male Newcomer Award at the 34th ‘Film Critics Awards[/Korean Film Critics Association Awards]’ and the (Best) Male Newcomer Award at the 51st ‘Daejong [Film] Awards’, and to the (Best) New Male Actor Award at the 15th ‘Busan Film Critics Association Awards’ and the (Best) New Male Actor Award at the 35th ‘Blue Dragon Awards’– is being awarded the (Best) Rookie Male Actor Award at the 10th ‘Max Movie’s Best Film Awards’, which will be held on February 26.

In particular, ‘Max Movie’s Best Film Awards’ is as much high in significance for him as being personally chosen by a solely domestic audience. Giving an enthusiastic performance as the youngest sailor Dong-sik in movie <Sea Fog>, Park Yuchun made an impression on audience members with his notable, enthusiastic performance in his first screen challenge, and has proved himself and his potential as an actor.

Meanwhile, the ‘Max Movie’s Best Film Awards’, where Park Yuchun will be awarded his 5th Newcomer Award, set its first step in 2014 –as the world’s first audience-choice film awards where the audience are choosing the winners directly online and up to awarding them offline– and is welcoming its 10th ceremony in 2015.

[TRANS] 150211 2015 Max Movie Film Awards | Park Yuchun who sweeps all of the spots for ‘Best Newcomer’ & <Sea Fog> is awarded Trailer Award

Source: Max Movie 1 2

Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
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In a fierce-yet-friendly competition, the Best Rookie Male Actor Award went to Park Yuchun. Park Yuchun was chosen as the Best Rookie Male Actor to grace 2014, receiving 698,770 votes from among a panel of audience reviewers participating in Max Movie’s 2015 Best Film Awards poll.

The 2015 Best Rookie Male Actor Award is the category where competition is the most fierce in the Best Film Awards poll. There were many exceptionally jewel-like rookie male actors in 2014; but the 5 people nominated for Best Rookie Male Actor were <Sea Fog>’s Park Yuchun, <Cart>’s Do Kyung-soo, <Tinker Ticker>’s Byun Yo-han, <Set Me Free>’s Choi Woo-sik, and <The King of Jokgu>’s Ahn Jae-hong.

The TOP5 candidates –chosen with votes from a group of correspondents– were engaged in a heated competition as soon as the audience members’ 2nd round of balloting –starting from January 22(Thur)– began. At the end of the close contest just before the conclusion of the voting on February 10(Tues), the honor of the award went to Park Yuchun. The panel of audience reviewers gave the Best Rookie Male Actor Award to Park Yuchun who showed sorrowful emotional acting and warm pure love toward one woman.

Meanwhile, the parade of awarding Park Yuchun’s Newcomer Awards has finished with Max Movie’s 2015 Best Film Awards. Rising to the 7-time [Best] Newcomer Award with 2014’s <Sea Fog>, Park Yuchun has certainly engraved his presence as 2014’s [Best] Rookie Actor acknowledged by all; the audience, critics, reporters.

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Movie <Sea Fog> was awarded the [Best] Trailer Award in Max Movie’s 2015 Best Film Awards. Defeating <Interstellar>, <My Love, Don’t Cross That River>, <Miss Granny>, <Roaring Currents> & others by receiving 551,786 of the votes; <Sea Fog> won the [Best] Trailer Award.

<Sea Fog> won a double crown with Park Yuchun’s [Best] Rookie Male Actor Award and its [Best] Trailer Award in ‘2015 Best Film Awards’ this year.


Announcing the winning work and winner, the 2015 Max Movie’s Best Film Awards will hold its award ceremony with the winner of honor and Max Movie audience at nest hotel, which was chosen as Korea’s first ‘Design Hotels’ member in recognition of its artistic design, on February 26(Thur). It is expected to lay the foundation of the significance of the audience-centered Film Awards, where the audience participates personally as a presenter, like a film festival where the whole audience becomes the judging committee. In particular this ‘2015 Max Movie’s Best Film Awards’ ceremony is expected to provide a forum of festivities that’ll be fun together with everyone who loves films and a variety of attractions; such as a red carpet, press conference with the winners, hand-printing event, etc.


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