21/03 – [News] SBS Drama “The Girl Who Can See Smell” – Park Yoo-chun, pizza delivery man?

21/03 – [News] SBS Drama “The Girl Who Can See Smell” – Park Yoo-chun, pizza delivery man? 

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SBS Drama “The Girl Who Can See Smell” Park Yoo-chun, pizza delivery man?  

Park Yoo-chun of SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday television series “The Girl Who Can See Smell”(written by Lee Hee-myung, produced by Baek Soo-chan) was caught riding a motorcycle.

“The Girl Who Can See Smell” which will air on April 1 after ‘Hyde, Jekyll, Me’, is based on the namesake webtoon. It is a romantic comedy drama with mystery and suspense. The drama will depict an insensate detective and an extrasensory girl who can even ‘see’ smells and scents.

Park Yoo-chun, who was cast as the insensate detective, was found riding a pizza delivery motorcycle instead of a police car or sedan, which aroused curiosity among fans and prospective viewers.


This photo was taken during the shooting of a scene where Moo Gak(Park Yoo-chun) was chasing a criminal by motorcycle. While Moo-gak was chasing on foot at first, he then found a bike at the corner, and hopped on the bike.

Park Yoo-chun started acting on cue from director Baek Soo-chan after thoroughly discussing moves, gestures and face expressions with the staffs.

“There is a reason how he ended up riding a motorcycle, instead of a police car. Please stay tuned to find out more about the chase scene in the first episode. Moreover, Moo-gak will also meet Cho-rim(Shin Se-kyoung). Please look forward to it,” said one of the staffs.

“The Girl Who Can See Smell’ will be on the small screen on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10p.m, starting April 1 on channel SBS.

GET IT K Han Jihee, Photography by SBS, English Translation by Veronica Choi



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