30/03 – [Interview] Shim Sung-bo Talks About Taking The Helm On HAEMOO – Yoochun mentioned

30/03 – [Interview] Shim Sung-bo Talks About Taking The Helm On HAEMOO – Yoochun mentioned

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A box office hit in its native Korea, Shim Sung-bo’s directorial debut, HAEMOO {Sea Fog} made its New York premiere at Lincoln Center’s New Directors/New Films Festival. Regarded for his screenwriting collaboration with Bong Joon-ho on the now-classic, Memories of Murder, Shim spoke with us about what it took to direct this first feature, having Bong as his producer, and casting one of Korea’s top idols.

The Lady Miz Diva: Was the actual experience of directing different than what you had imagined before taking on this film?

Shim Sung-bo: It couldn’t be more different. Even when you try to be as detailed and specific in your script, when you actually got to the scene on the set, there would be so many holes, and those holes were mostly filled by the wonderful cast.

LMD: Speaking of the wonderful cast, there’s a rather famous pop music idol in your film…

SSb: Ah, {Park} Yoochun?

LMD: Yes. While he has done television dramas, I believe he only made a cameo appearance as himself in a movie years ago, so this is really his first feature acting role. What was it about him that made you feel that this person was going to be my romantic lead?

SSb: I think he was kind of fearless, that was one reason. He really projected this image of a good person, of goodness, and also I got really good vibes from him. And it’s not that we have a lot of male actors who are well into their 20s, and Yoochun really wanted to do this role. And you know how if you’re an idol, it’s extremely difficult for an idol to feel fondness for this type of character.

So, what we believed was, because he would be surrounded by the rest of the cast who are all veterans and amazingly experienced actors; we felt that as long as he could leave his schedule open, so he would have days to shoot together and work with the actors, they would be able to really fill in – that he would really be able to identify and kind of melt into the rest of the actors and be able to do his part just fine. And he was really so into this movie, that except for a few little schedules that he had to do, he really was able to concentrate on this movie. And from the level of his management company, that was a very difficult decision to make.

LMD: The film goes to some very dark places at times, and as Yoochun is such a famous idol, I wonder if there was any pushback or hesitation from himself or his management about portraying some of the darker aspects of the film?

SSb: Not at all.

Read more of the full interview here: http://twitchfilm.com/2015/03/ndnf-shim-sung-bo-talks-about-taking-the-helm-on-haemoo.html

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