31/03 – [News] JYJ’s Yuchun sends a supportive message for Jaejoong’s military enlistment

31/03 – [News] JYJ’s Yuchun sends a supportive message for Jaejoong’s military enlistment

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JYJ‘s Park Yoochun sends his support for their fellow member Jaejoong‘s enlistment in the army.

On the afternoon of March 30th, SBS‘ new drama series, Sensory Couple (formerly known as The Girl Who Sees Smells), held their production premiere.

Park Yoochun, who is the male lead of the drama, was present at the event and take about Jaejoong’s farewell party that took place yesterday. He also gave a supportive advise for the member saying, “He must be sleepless right now. I wish him nothing but to take care of his health and not get hurt during his military duty.”

Meanwhile, Sensory Couple is a mystery suspense and romantic story between a senseless police officer and extrasensical women who both are victims of a “Bar Code Murder” case. Alongside Park Yoochun, Shin Se Kyung, Nam Goong Min, Yoon Jin Seo, Kim So Hyun, and more are to star in the drama, which is set to air on April 1st.


[NEWS] Yoochun comments on fellow JYJ member Jaejoong’s military enlistment

Credit to: Allkpop

Fans are not the only ones feeling saddened by Jaejoong’s pending military enlistment! Fellow JYJ member Yoochun also expressed his emotions during the press conference for his SBS drama, ‘The Girl Who Can See Smell,’ on March 30.

He said, “Yesterday, Jaejoong and I had a send off party.  It was crazy, so he couldn’t give me advice about my appearance in ‘The Girl Who Can See Smell.’”

He then talked about his well wishes for Jaejoong, saying, “Jaejoong is enlisting tomorrow and I wish he would go and come back well while taking care of his body.  The members are busy these days, so I don’t get to see them, but they contact consistently and are doing well.”

That’s always good to hear!  Meanwhile, his drama will start airing on April 1!

[NEWS] Yoochun sends supportive message to Jaejoong via Kpop Herald


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