26/04 – [News] Park Yuchun, will he bring his Newcomer Awards sweep to a superlative conclusion with a septuple crown?

26/04 – [News] Park Yuchun, will he bring his Newcomer Awards sweep to a superlative conclusion with a septuple crown?

Credit: Newsen
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

Having swept Newcomer Awards with ‘Haemoo’, Park Yuchun is aiming for a Baeksang Arts Awards finish.

Actor Park Yuchun made his successful screen debut by sweeping various Film Awards’ Male Newcomer awards, for undertaking the role of Dong-sik, the youngest sailor in movie ‘Haemoo’ last year. Following that, Park Yuchun is competing for a septuple crown with his name nominated for the Male Newcomer Award in the Movie category of the Baeksang Arts Awards, to be held on May 26.

 photo 2014080801001070300080352.jpg

Park Yuchun demonstrated his ambitious presence to esteemed [Chungmuro] actors while acting with Kim Yoon-seok, Moon Sung-keun, Kim Sang-ho, Lee Hee-joon, and Yoo Seung-mok in ‘Haemoo’. Park Yuchun is flying fiercely with the affirmation of producer-director Bong Joon-ho’s high praises. Favorable reviews had poured in over a Park Yuchun who threw away his good looks to act.

Because of that, Park Yuchun has swept full 6 Newcomer Awards; starting with the 34th ‘Korean Film Critics Association Awards’ New Male Actor, the 51st ‘Daejong Film Awards’ New Male Actor Award, the 15th ‘Busan Film Critics Association Awards’ Male Newcomer Award, the 35th ‘Blue Dragon Film Awards’ New Male Actor Award, the 6th ‘Korean Film Reporters Awards’ Male Newcomer Award, and the 10th ‘MaxMovie Movie Awards’ Best New Male Actor Award.

In particular Park Yuchun has set a real record where he is sweeping Newcomer Awards at the 3 big Film Awards’ ceremonies, by being awarded from the Daejong Film Awards, then the Blue Dragon Film Awards, and to the Baeksang Arts Awards. Interests are high on the situation where Park Yuchun’s indisputable, unabated progression will shine even at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

When there was first news that Park Yuchun was casted in ‘Haemoo’, there were glowers of doubts about if Park Yuchun would indeed be able to tackle the role of Dong-sik that not only requires him to act but also to do a bed scene rated 19 and over.

However, Park Yuchun overturned expectations against him, proudly. All the major Film Awards’ Newcomer Awards trophies have gone to Park Yuchun. It is the result he achieved after almost 5 years since his first time starting acting in a legitimate drama, with KBS 2TV drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ in 2010. Once more, he has such a strong debut project. ‘Haemoo’ will probably be a memorable production forever for Park Yuchun.

It still remains unknown about whose hand the Baeksang Arts Awards will be granting it to. He[/Yuchun] is nominated together with Kang Ha-neul(Twenty), Byun Jo-han(Socialphobia), Lee Minho(Gangnam 1970), and Jo Bok-rae(C’est Si Bon); they all have formidable acting abilities. There is certainly attention toward the development of how Park Yuchun will round out the end of his long journey with ‘Haemoo’, accompanied by [the experience of] being awarded; and begin his life as a film actor splendidly.


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