21/05 – [Spoiler] ‘The Girl Who Can See Smells’ Wedding ceremony is interrupted

21/05 – [Spoiler]  ‘The Girl Who Can See Smells’ Wedding ceremony is interrupted

Source: Newsen
Credit: Hancinema
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06



Nam Goong-min ruined Park Yoo-chun and Sin Se-kyeong’s wedding ceremony.

On the 15th episode of SBS Wednesday & Thursday drama, Choi Moo-gak (Park Yoo-chun) and Oh Cho-rim (Sin Se-kyeong) had their wedding.

Choi Moo-gak proposed to Oh Cho-rim after he arrested the serial killer Kwon Jae-hee. Choi Moo-gak could get out of the trauma caused from his past and he recovered his senses. Oh Cho-rim also could recover her memories. Choi Moo-gak quit his police work and decided to go back to his previous work, aquarium.

In the meanwhile, the prisoner transport vehicle carrying Kwon Jae-hee fell into the Han River and Kwon Jae-hee went missing. Although they continued with the search, Kwon Jae-hee was not found. Everybody concluded Kwon Jae-hee was dead. Choi Moo-gak and Oh Cho-rim worked hard on getting ready for their wedding. And the ceremony started finally in the aquarium.

However at the moment when the bride should come out, Kwon Jae-hee appeared in the bride’s waiting room and said to Oh Cho-rim alone in the room, “Congratulations on your wedding”. As the bride did not show up, Yeom-mi (Yoon Jin-seo) came to the bridal waiting room to check. She informed Choi Moo-gak , “Cho-rim was not there, The bride is missing”.


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