28/05 – [News] Park Yuchun’s ‘Baeksang’ red carpet video records the most retweets

28/05 – [News] Park Yuchun’s ‘Baeksang’ red carpet video records the most retweets

Sources: Top Star News + The Kyunghyang Shinmun
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

 photo 2015052702001883700322851.jpg

#백상예술대상 #JYJ #박유천 #나영석 / #BaeksangArtsAwards #JYJ #ParkYuchun

The 51st Baeksang Arts Awards held in the evening of May 26 ended on a high note.

Twitter Korea installed Twitter’s Vine’s 360° booth to let a lot of people enjoy the awards ceremony with the sense of realism more [/more realistically]. The red carpet location’s vivid imagery was broadcasted live for Twitter users all around the world in real-time through the Baeksang Arts Awards(@isplus)’ official hashtag #백상레드카펫360(#BaeksangRedCarpet360).

The leading person with the most retweeted video of #백상레드카펫360 was actor Park Yuchun. He was the one with the most-retweets record out of the participants at the event on this day.

Park Yuchun had recorded, with the camera gun, a number of 2,678 retweets in the tweet that was managed by the sponsor of the 2015 Baeksang Arts Awards red carpet, currently [at the time of the article] in the afternoon of May 27. He was able to set such a record from the 360-degree camera video shooting on the Baeksang Arts Awards red carpet held at Kyung Hee University’s Peace Hall in Seoul on this day.

Meanwhile, Park Yuchun had the pleasure of being awarded the New Male Actor Award for his impressive acting with the film ‘Sea Fog’ last year; and had recorded the most retweets with a great 360-degree video he left, worthy of his brilliant acting ability.



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