22/06 – [News] 2015 Dramas in the First Half of the Year – Return of the King… ★ Report card for Park Yuchun who return to the small screen

22/06 – [News] 2015 Dramas in the First Half of the Year – Return of the King… ★ Report card for Park Yuchun who return to the small screen

Source: News Way
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

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◆ Park Yuchun, box-office invincibility + acting ability

Standing high in place as a representative actor in his 20s to be considered out of the rising stars for the next generation, Park Yuchun is leading his best golden days, imparted with 3 beats of popularity, cinematic quality, up to hot topic for every work he appears in.

Set to enlist into the army up ahead in August, Park Yuchun repeats his growth to grow in each and every works of his, and has established himself as the best example of acting-dol-turned-actors. In particular, in SBS ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ that recently ended, Park Yuchun drew attention, from the first episode, with action that does not spare himself physically and up to unparalleled bone-dislocation acting. Swallowing up the home theater in one gulp again, he put from sobbing acting to comic acting that’s a turnabout for him in the persona named Choi Mugak, and completed the best ever character who hadn’t been seen until now.

Also, he captivated even women’s hearts with an image that was seemingly gruff yet considerate with the most care, in front of Shin Se-kyung who he was working together with. He pretended not to show concern on the surface, but had a side where he carried a drunk Shin Se-kyung on his back when she got kicked out of her comedy troupe, and had caused female viewers to lose sleep as a 100% pure romanticist when showing the ‘standard rule of a something man(T/N: the status of a guy friend before he becomes a boyfriend)‘ as he gives a surprise kiss filled with apt push-and-pull and energy. In addition to that, he captured viewers’ attention while heightening the dramatic tension by fully immersing himself, up to doing action brimming with liveliness.


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