22/06 – [News] If all 3 of JYJ get discharged, is it possible for them to appear on a broadcast?

22/06 – [News] If all 3 of JYJ get discharged, is it possible for them to appear on a broadcast?

Source: Newsen
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

Will active-duty-dols (T/N: idols who’ll serve their military service) JYJ be able to make a comeback on a broadcasting stage?

On the first day of June, news of JYJ member Park Yuchun’s enlistment reached our ears. This is the second time, following Kim Jaejoong who had enlisted last March 31. According to his agency C-JeS Entertainment, Park Yuchun is enlisting on August 27. There remains time a little less than 3 months before he enlists.

Hereby the member in JYJ who will maintain his social status as a member of society for the time being is only Kim Junsu; who’ll visit audiences with his upcoming musical ‘Death Note’. On this, fans are also vocalizing their regrets. Since the news [about Yuchun’s enlistment] broke out, in the JYJ-related community, saddened voices pouring out constantly. It’s the situation where many fans were saying, “There only remains Junsu now. It’ll be lonely, what am I going to do?”, “Kim Junsu’s musical and solo album are good but I’m sad thinking about losing a JYJ member for a while”, and expressed their sadness.

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Meanwhile, there is a reaction that stood out solely among the texts left by fans. It is a mixed question that laments “If all three of them get discharged, can they appear as JYJ on a broadcast?”

Having split from TVXQ earlier in 2012, JYJ(Kim Junsu, Park Yuchun, Kim Jaejoong) released albums consistently, but haven’t appeared on a broadcast since. There were continuously rumors of external pressure, but it is difficult to provide definite evidence about this actually. Their broadcast schedule that merely had been set, falls through again and again; and there were many speculations about it. On this, it is difficult for JYJ to appear on a broadcast, and the fact itself is publicly known even by broadcasts actually. Making an appearance alone on EBS ‘Space Empathy’ last April 30, Kim Junsu had said, “Though I am a singer, I am glad to greet you with this music broadcast after 6 years. It was difficult to make an appearance on a broadcast for reasons unknown during the 6 years,” and expressed his sadness during it.

Last April 14, Assemblywoman Choi Min-hee of the New Politics Alliance for Democracy proposed a revised law to the National Assembly, for a broadcast bill with contents prohibiting actions that block the appearance of an artist without an obvious reason. This law is called the ‘JYJ Bill’ and received responses among many netizens. When he heard this news, Park Yuchun also bared his honest mind, saying, “It feels like things are getting better where I can speak out about it now. We are in a position where we should be more thankful about it since we will be able to work in a better environment,” at SBS drama ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ press conference.

However, although it has been 6 years and their broadcast activities were close to non-existent as singers during the time, JYJ members have consistently established themselves. Kim Junsu had received a lot of love as a solo singer and musical actor, while Park Yuchun and Kim Jaejoong had as actors.

In Park Yuchun’s case, he received favorable reviews in ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’, which is his last work before he enlists; and will be able to leave for his post for a while with much lighter steps. For Kim Junsu, there is high hopes from fans to be expected of him, too, with a work where he’ll show an excellent performance more than ever, up ahead in musical ‘Death Note’ that has performances slated from June 20. In Kim Junsu’s case, it is still not decided about when he will enlist into the army. He is expected to stay active, filling in for the gap of his two members for the time being first.

The projected discharge date for Kim Jaejoong –the first to enlist from JYJ– is December 30, 2016. If he get discharged followed by Park Yuchun and up to Kim Junsu, side by side, they will be ‘active-duty-dols’ JYJ. Can the three members of JYJ stand on a broadcasting stage when they return from the army? It seems fans are also looking forward to it as much as singer JYJ.

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