22/06 – [News] The JYJ Law To Prevent Broadcast Bans Failed To Pass Bill Screening

22/06 – [News] The JYJ Law To Prevent Broadcast Bans Failed To Pass Bill Screening

Credit: Koreaboo

Source: News1 + Hankyung
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According to a June 17 report published in the business section of the Korean outlet News 1, the bill which has been commonly referred to as the JYJ Law, failed to pass through a National Assembly subcommittee.

Lawmakers were sat on the subcommittee expressed concerns over the bill, citing its potential to harm agencies and broadcasters. The subcommittee called for modifications, which would be fair and practical for all parties. “The original legislative intent of this law allows for a very high probability of misuse and abuse,” said one member of the subcommittee.

The law did not pass its initial screening, due to similar concerns regarding the language contained in the bill and the potential to economically injure the businesses which could be involved in future cases.

On April 14, the bill known as the JYJ Law was proposed by Assemblywoman Choi Min Hee. Assemblywoman Choi sits on the Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning. An article published on April 15 by Hankyung outlined her intent behind the bill. “Part of the issue is the agency is preventing broadcast offers and appearances,” said Assemblywoman Choi. “There is also a need for sanctions on broadcasting companies who are doing the same things.”

The alleged avarice against JYJ began in 2009 when Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu launched a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, in an attempt to dissolve their exclusive contract with the agency. A lengthy legal battle ensued between the idols and their former company, which resulted in alleged bans against promotional activities, including participation in music chart shows.

In July 2013, the Korea Fair Trade Commission placed a restraining order against SM and future attempts by the company to interfere with JYJ’s promotions. However, the group was allegedly unable to return to programs which continued to enforce the ban.

The first televised music appearance by a member of JYJ since their 2009 lawsuit occurred on April 13. Junsu appeared on the EBS program, “Space Sympathy,” marking the first time he performed on a Korean music program, in six years.

Credit: KDramaStars

“JYJ Law” to prevent unfair treatment of artists fails to pass

On June 17th, it was reported that the “JYJ Law” has failed to pass.

The “JYJ Law,” which was proposed by Assemblywoman Choi Min Hee, a member of The Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning in April, was designed for the purpose of protecting artists from unfairly being banned from broadcast. The basis for such legislation being proposed was the ban that had been enacted on artists such as JYJ’s members and TRAX’s No Min Woo.

Official statements indicated this may have happened as, “We feel that this law may become abused because of the ambiguous nature of fair. For example, if a fanclub claims that something is ‘unfair’ that cannot be the judge of unfairness.”

The details of the law, however, are still undergoing editing in order to attempt to be passed again.

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