02/07 – [Event Report] – “The Girl Who Can See Smell” First Broadcast in Japan! 「Park Yuchun “The Girl Who Can See Smell” Fan Meeting in Japan」

02/07 – [Event Report] – “The Girl Who Can See Smell” First Broadcast in Japan! 「Park Yuchun “The Girl Who Can See Smell” Fan Meeting in Japan」

Source: Korepo
Translated by: Jen_BabyLove of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

 photo yuchun21.jpg

The venue dim, and when the screen shows Park Yuchun moving towards the hall from backstage, fans’ voltage has reached an ALL-STANDING and the tension was up already! Then Yuchun went 1 round circling the venue on the trolley (wagon) while shaking hands with audience nearby the stage, and he was wrapped in huge roars and clapping when finally up on the stage.
Yuchun, hugely popular with [SungKyunKwan Scandal] [I Miss You] etc.
Before the first broadcast in Japan at KNTV for his latest lead drama “The Girl Who Sees Smell”, [Park Yuchun “The Girl Who Sees Smell” Fan Meeting in Japan] was held on 23 June at Yokohama Arena.

“It’s been a long time”, Yuchun greets with fluent Japanese.
The MC Yumi then asked “What do you think of the Japanese fans?” and he replied, “Cute I think. You guys think so too right? About yourselves, that you are cute….. sorry”. On what he did recently, “After filming the drama, I’m not doing anything, just games….. sorry” Yuchun fooled around a little like these.

With movie [Haemoo] came the movie category newcomer award at Baeksang Arts Awards. When asked to described his role, he said “Will I be able to explain this with my Japanese” but bravely took up the challenge! “A guy in his 20s, on a boat, shy….. not really. Love at first sight….. a story of such a life” and everyone including himself burst into laughters.

Sometimes closing his eyes when singing the mid-tempo “Walking in Spring with Her” as if confirming each note, it was talk-time and he sat on a chair. The talk started with him watching scenes of “The Girl Who Sees Smell” where the suspense-comedy evolved around a police officer who lost his senses and a girl who sees smell. There are also many comical scenes in the drama where we see Yuchun making funny faces. “Instead of feeling embarrassed about the funny faces, I rather have confidence” said Yuchun and turned his mouth into the shape like a duck, shouting [Gaaaah~~] with a duck-face(?). But then immediately his face turned embarrassed, and he took the towel on the floor and started to wipe his perspiration. In a split second MC Yumi plunged in with the comment “your perspiration is pretty! It shines”, and Yuchun shot back “What do you mean? It’s because of the lights you know…” and turned even more embarrassed while continuing to wipe his perspiration.

Here, guest Haruna Ai made an appearance! As soon as she (he) appears, Haruna Ai tried to gain points by saying “so handsome!! Ahhhh, saranhaeyo~” while Yuchun stared at her (him) nervously. “He’s staring at me so much!! Oh dear~~!” Haruna Ai became so excited while everyone starting laughing. After some of Yuchun’s cute scenes from drama [The Girl Who Sees Smell] were shown, Haruna Ai said “Mashissoyo! (delicious)” instead of the correct “Moshissoyo! (handsome), and Yuchun smiled while looking a little uncomfortable. To Haruna Ai’s straight-forward question “on the day you are filming love scenes, do you go [I’ll work hard today!] like that?”, Yuchun replied honestly with “yes that’s true, I get excited”. Being stuck in-between (literally, physically) listening to the heated bullet-talk among MC Yumi and Haruna Ai, Yuchun recoiled and said “….. these 2 are really something”.

To Yuchun who did many comical scenes in “The Girl Who Sees Smell”, comedian duo Fall In Love came on-stage saying “We came to teach you about Japanese gags!”. When the duo initiated their popular pose [Yes, Fall In Love!] by saying [you need to look at each other sadly], and someone needs to decide WHO Yuchun should pair up with, Haruna Ai started appearing to both Hajime and Barbie (the duo’s names) aggressively. So it was decided that the audience decide with their clapping and it was finally decided to be Haruna Ai! Although embarrassed by an ecstatic Haruna Ai when she (he) kept saying “nice smell!” to Yuchun, he did the pose perfectly and said in low voice [Yes, Fall In Love!] and loud claps came from the audience.

 photo yuchun41.jpg

Then the atmosphere changed completely and Yuchun appeared after changing from his suit into summer-like border Tee with jeans. After singing with emotions Fukuyama Masaharu’s [SaiAi], a cake appeared on-stage to celebrate his 10th debut anniversary. Once he blew-out the candles, fans help up high colourful paper flowers at once with the ground floor audience flowers showing the number [10]. Then Yokohama Arena was buried with voices of “Congratulations on your 10th debut anniversary!”. With this surprise and celebration, Yuchun was deeply touched. “Time passes so fast. I’ll do my best in my activities from now too!” with smiles.

At the fan meeting, since the drama theme is about smells, there was even a corner that blends a type of tea with smell of rose and chamomile that Yuchun likes. When the camera did a close-up on Yuchun’s Adam’s apple going up and down when drinking the tea, screams of happiness came up.
And during [re-enacting famous scenes from the drama corner], 3 fans with the name Suzuka was chosen to go on-stage.
Yuchun was to re-enact the scene whereby his character flips open the curtain and call out his sister’s name, calling “Suzuka” on stage. The 3 Suzuka(s) went really close to the curtain to capture Yuchun’s voice with their toy bear recorders. When Yuchun saw how serious the 3 of them were, he involuntarily exclaimed and incurred a few NGs!
Also, during the re-enaction of saving the heroine (played by Shin Se Gyung) from being hit by a car, Hajime tried his best to try to take a photo of their 2-shot (Yuchun + lucky fan) but there was a fan so shy that she kept hiding her face! When finally the photo was taken successfully after a few tries, everyone was also happy for her and began clapping their hands.

The final talk corner was [Let’s Consult Dr Yuchun]. Seems like Yuchun gets consulted a lot too usually but he humbly said “I just listen only”. However, to the question on “how to bring out my sex appeal” raised by both teenagers and women in their 30s, he replied “could be good if you start doing yoga” after thinking hard. In addition, he also advised “most important is to be yourself, just do yoga being yourself”. By the way, the time when Yuchun feels sex appeal in a woman is “when she ties up her hair”. Yuchun also gave his perspective “you’ll lose your sex appeal if you are always with guys so it will be good maybe if you meet with girls more often?”

When Junsu’s video message for Yuchun’s fan meeting was shown on screen, there was a huge roar of cheers. “(in military training) Jaejoong’s message could not be taken I supposed” said Yuchun with a somewhat lonely expression on his face.
Yuchun is also scheduled to go for military training on 27 August. On his activities from now, he said “after my July schedule…….. I’ll go already. Junsu will also be going in any case so the re-start of JYJ activities will probably be 5 years from now I think”. Fans’ “Eeeeeeehhhh” resounded at the arena, and then “quite a long period isn’t it. At that time I’ll be 34 years old. I’ll still try to dance full blast when I’m 34!”, said Yuchun with tears in his eyes like he is encouraging himself.

Lastly, he sang [30] and at the encore, drama SungKyunKwan Scandal’s OST [Found You], pushing the atmosphere to a peak. Fans stood up, hands holding the colourful balloons, singing and dancing along with Yuchun, and the arena turned into ONE. At the last phrase (song), Yuchun sang with his eyes closed. “Everyone, see you again! Bye!” said Yuchun with a cheerful smile and left the stage.


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