18/07 – [News] Park Yuchun Wrapped Up His Fan Meeting In Nagoya

18/07 – [News] Park Yuchun Wrapped Up His Fan Meeting In Nagoya

Credit: BNT News UK

Shared by JYJ3 + Geministar06

Park Yuchun successfully finished his Nagoya fan meeting.

CJeS Entertainment said, “Park Yuchun held his fan meeting ‘2015 Park Yuchun Fan meeting Japan Tour ‘All About Yu’’ at Nihon Gaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan on July 11 and 12. As he showed everything about him at the event, he fascinated the audience.”

When all the lights were turned off, the fans shouted for Yuchun and he showed up while singing ‘Walking with Her in Spring’. Then, he gave bright smiles to the fans and fans filled up the site with a big applause.

When he sat down, he flashed back all of his previous dramas. Moreover, he disclosed his private pictures and told behind-the-scene stories. He also cooked for the fans in ‘Yuchun’s Kitchen’ corner and appealed his charms through various events with the fans.

Park Yuchun said, “It was a pleasure to visit Nagoya. From now on, I won’t be able to see you for a while and I’m pretty sure I will miss you. I wish time flies and I want to make my comeback as a member of JYJ. I will try my best.”

Meanwhile, Park Yuchun will continue his Japan tour in Yokohama on July 22 and 23.

Park Yu Chun successfully finishes fan meetings in Nagoya

Credit: StarN News
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

Park Yu Chun successfully finished his fan meetings in Nagoya.

On July 13th, a representative of C-JeS Entertainment said, “On July 11th and 12th, JYJ’s Park Yu Chun held solo fan meetings in Nagoya, Japan under the title of ‘Park Yu Chun Fan Meeting Japan Tour ALL ABOUT YU.’ Park Yu Chun made another unforgettable memory with his fans, showing much deeper parts of his character.”

Each fan meeting accommodated 18 thousand fans, and the fans made a standing ovation as Park Yu Chun opened the stage with a song called ‘Walking Spring With Her.’ The fans commenced shaking light sticks, and Park Yu Chun answered with a bright smile.

Afterwards, Park Yu Chun took time to watch a highlight video of the six dramas that he played in, and he talked about many different behind-the-scenes episodes and photos.

Park Yu Chun also became a charming chef for the fans, and demonstrated how to cook his favorite or specialty dishes. He invited randomly selected fans up to the stage for sampling, making another unforgettable memory for his fans.

Prior to finishing the fan meeting, Park Yu Chun said, “It was a great pleasure to visit Nagoya. I will not be able to get back to this wonderful city for a while, but I will count on the day that I will come back here. I hope to get back with my teammates next time, and I promise to keep doing my best to do so.”

As Park Yu Chun started singing the last song of the fan meeting, the fans stood up from their sits, and Park Yu Chun moved around the entire venue to distribute autographed balls. Many fans remained at their seats for a while even after the fan meeting was wrapped up, but they were also deeply touched by Park Yu Chun’s great care for them.

Meanwhile, Park Yu Chun will hold fan meetings in Yokohama on July 22nd and 23rd.


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