29/08 – [Interview] Sports Chosun – Ahead of his enlistment, Park Yuchun “Gap of 2 years? Time to look back on myself”

29/08 – [Interview] Sports Chosun – Ahead of his enlistment, Park Yuchun “Gap of 2 years? Time to look back on myself” 

Source: Sports Chosun via @JYJCN

Korean-Chinese translations by: 紅燕

Chinese-English translations by:ParkYoochunSGFC

Shared by: 6002Sky

“What’s the date today? Ah! Time flies so fast.”

While signing at the palm print and writing down the date, Park Yuchun playfully acted as if he was about to cry, then laughed “buhaha” out loud. I met Park Yuchun at the site where he was leaving his handprint in advance as a winner of the best new actor from last year’s Blue Dragon Film Awards. And because of his enlistment, it’s a pity that he won’t be able to attend this year’s Blue Dragon Film Awards and join in the palm printing activity, so he allocated some time out of his busy schedule to be here. Although there are only few days remaining prior to his enlistment on the 27th, but Park Yuchun looked very comfortable and relaxed. “Sol Kyung Gu hyung said to have a drink together before my enlistment. It should be Beondegi soup with Soju. It would probably fuddle me. Haha. ” In a warm send-off, the time to go back as a normal person in his 20s is getting nearer. Park Yuchun wanted to say that while being away from other people’s sight, he would want to look back on himself. As a maturing actor and singer, he said that the two years of military service would become a meaning comma. We asked Park Yuchun about his thoughts and plans regarding his enlistment.

Aren’t you worried or feel scared about military life?
Honestly, I’m worried too because it would be different from the environment I have lived for 10 years. Probably, it’s also because my date of enlistment is not far anymore. Working busily for 10 years, I’ve recently thought about leaving this (entertainment) circle and rest for awhile. But not long ago, I’ve realized that this kind of thinking is not right. While filming “Lucid Dream”, Ko Soo hyung and I have talked about the military. Before enlisting, Ko Soo hyung was also confident that he’ll do well. But when it became the reality, the process of becoming an ordinary person is very strange and very difficult. He said that there was a time when he went to Jeju Island for a trip. Coming out in the streets after having a meal, he was being surrounded by students coming out after their classes. Seeing that kind of situation, the grandmother from the restaurant said, “Why would TV personalities come out and suffer.” At that time, he came to understand that for us, living a normal life is not an option. The moment after hearing this, it’s like I’ve been hit and became dumbfounded. It seems that I’ve been impatient, blindly yearning for a normal life.

How do you spend your remaining few days as a “civilian”?
Recently, I’m mostly at home. Not so long so, a hyung whom I’m close with celebrated his birthday. Around 11 in the evening, we went for a drink but I already went home at 12:30am. I really planned to enjoy myself but my heart can’t keep up anymore and wanted to go home and rest.

How did you decide on the date of your enlistment?
Originally, I wanted to enlist even earlier but I had to take on more work so, I postponed it for a bit. I also had to earn for the company and earn for myself. Haha.

Because of asthma, it’s been decided that you’ll do public service.
I also wish to become an active-duty soldier. The serving time for active duty is also lesser by 4 months. I’ve also done a medical re-examination. But still, because of asthma, it’s been decided that I’ll do public service. I never thought that asthma is an illness that is dangerous. Before, when we had a one-week break from activities, I went to Jaejoong hyung’s hometown. Suddenly relaxing after the running activities, and because of breathing difficulties, I fainted. With the help of Jaejoong’s parents, we went to the Emergency. Really, at that time, I nearly died.

We heard that you got injured a lot while filming. Is your back and rib injuries getting better?
(About to cry) I’m not lying but it’s really not okay. The pain of lifting the chair with a tear in my shoulder muscle all came instantaneously so, I was in pain for a long time. It was really painful but the people in my company (T/N: he calls them family here) was not worried. Hahaha.

Not so long ago, soldier Kim Jaejoong went out for a vacation, have you met each other?
It’s really been a long time since I drank a lot. It seems we drank until dawn. But Jaejoong hyung doesn’t sleep at exactly 10pm in the military. He said from that time on, he doesn’t remember anything anymore. Jaejoong hyung slept at around 12mn, but the next day he wakes up early as a habit. Junsu joined in after his musical ended, but he went home early since he still has a performance the next day. And to commemorate our reunion after a long time, we listened to Junsu’s songs there.

It must be extraordinary to see the image of soldier, Kim Jaejoong.
It’s rather amazing. He’s someone I miss but I can’t see him all the time. So being in the same place as Jaejoongie-hyung is something fresh. We also talked and shared a lot. He keeps telling me to come join him in active duty.

Seems like Junsu who’ll be left alone will feel lonely. Aren’t you worried?
Not at all. He’ll live well. He’s busy preparing for his concert and musical. I am envious of Junsu more than anything. Isn’t it better to be able to work?

Aren’t you worried about the gap for 2 years? I think the competition is fierce among the actors in their 20s.
I think there’s a reason for a person’s popularity. I respect that reason. And I‘m not worried that I’ll be left behind and I’m not anxious about it too. Originally, I don’t have anything to greed about. Instead, it’s the people around me who are more worried. There will come a time when my popularity will go down, although I don’t know when that will happen. The love I have received is already enough. If there’s an opportunity, plus if my luck is good, I’ll probably receive more recognition as an actor. But I won’t look into it too seriously. Right now, the joy I feel for my work and the happiness I feel being able to meet people is greater.

2 years later, you’ll be in your 30s. How do you expect yourself to turn out like?
I don’t know if I will be able to meet everyone to through a film but firstly, I think I should be more prepared. Above all else, if I can live as myself then, I think I will be able to meet everyone through a good production. During my military service, I want to live an ordinary and quiet life. There will also be time for me to look back. If I knew myself, I reckon I would be able to stand in front of the camera feeling more comfortable 2 years later. Acting is something really fun and happy.


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