29/08 – [Magazine] Interview: Marie Claire Korea September 2015 Issue – Goodbye, Park Yuchun

29/08 – [Magazine] Interview: Marie Claire Korea September 2015 Issue – Goodbye, Park Yuchun 

Credit: Marie Claire Korea

Translated by: parkyoochunsgf

Shared by: 6002sky + Geministar06

So nine years ago, I have interviewed him in a different medium. It was the day when an award ceremony was held and they received the grand prize award, I did not know that perhaps that day was one of his brightest days. I remember him as a person who was a 21-year-old young man who was affectionate and fresh. A lot of time passed by from him, and today became an addition to his tough and happy moments. He, who was an idol singer whom teenagers cheered for, is still singing even now, and is currently acting. He became a pretty good actor like that. He swept away all the rookie of the year awards with where he acted together with outstanding senior actors. He lived continuously like that until today. And stopping everything for a while, he is now preparing to return simply as the normal Park Yoochun. Being also carefree, there is no reason for a ‘last’. Saying that he only played the first and second half of the life too early, Park Yoochun is just preparing ahead for the next overtime.

There is only one month left now. Most of your official schedule is done. Now that everything has ended, do you feel lighthearted?
I really don’t have that in mind.
You cried some time ago in your Japan fan meeting.
I cried not because I will go to the army. On that day, I was overwhelmed with emotions because I remembered the times I had when I worked for more than 10 years in Japan. Up to this time, I am surprised when I saw the event the fans prepared, and thoughts of endless appreciation entered my mind, but the fans alone looked pretty. So, it seems that I had tears because of that.
You have made moments in your life while stacking up on the good and sad memories. What is your best memory so far?
Long time ago when the company was just formed, I went to Australia together with everyone. There were only very good memories left that time when I was only thinking of working hard without other thoughts. I am still working now with a life worth living for. I cannot often meet with the members, but there is no change in our relationship. I debuted and for a long time, I had to be cool and stick always to it (t/n: being cool) for formalities- all my life pattern was fixed. Meanwhile, I thought that my own self was falling apart little by little. I have found now my normal self.
Aren’t you afraid that you must stop your activities for a while?
I was thinking sometime ago that I want to stop working for about 3~4 years. I think that the time when I am going to probably stop my activities will flow to the good side for me. (t/n: be good for him)
Have you imagined if everything stopped?
Of course. When everything stops, let’s go to Ibiza island! (laughs) There are times when I think that I want to leave and live normally in this vaguely place. I am making a dish at home and after some time, I am going to send the kids to school, accompanying them also in sports day- a life like that. As time goes by, I will be able to do it naturally.

You have always lived the life where you always receive attention. If you stop your activities for a while, are you worried if you will be forgotten?
Even if I have been forgotten, I think it is fine. I debuted as a singer during my 10s, a small or large space only for me will remain because I also acted. Over time, I think it is selfish to wish that I will be remembered. It is very natural if you are forgotten during the time that you will be forgotten.
You have received a lot of love and awards like there is no tomorrow. However, is there something you are sad of?
Not at all. I have never been sad for once. I am living happily for my age. I am not really greedy. If I am greedy, greedy for storage space inside the house? (laughs) I think that I have accomplished a lot now compared to what I dreamt of when I was young. When I was young, there is always food when we open the fridge, eating meat, buying a car for mom and brother- that was my dream. This calculation was all done.
You debuted in your 10s, reached your 20s, and now became 30. What has changed?
I am slow to recover on the next day after drinking. (laughs) I really did drink a lot in my 20s. There was once a time when I have drank one case of soju every day for about 46 days. I just liked alcohol. But, I never got drunk. When Jaejoong-ie hyung went out for vacation some time ago, we drank and hyung said that because they sleep early in the army, you really cannot hear anything from 10 PM. Even though I like alcohol, I also like to quietly look at the people who talk while they drink. I receive a strange feeling of comfort while listening to the reports in the conversation of ordinary people. ‘Ah, I belong to a world like this,’ this feels good.
I am curious of how Park Yoochun looks like when drinking.
When I am stuck with something, I talk a lot. If there is a person who made a mistake, I point it out. When I between two bad people, I just stick to the two of them.

Up to this time, is there something you are sad about that you did not do?
A lot. Meeting my father once more in this lifetime. Seeing him when he was still alive. I am thinking of such. I regret that I did not meet him because I did not have the courage to do so.
That one really dynamic year is this year to Park Yoochun. You received a lot of awards for the movie last year, the reaction was also good for the drama , then your activities will be stopped in the middle of these. It seems like people will not forget, particularly .
I do not think I have seen that movie again. My acting is really strange. I changed my mind when I was thinking of watching it again for once sometime ago in my house. The character ‘Dongshik’ I played in , I must say, was really not easy. I clearly have my own thoughts (on this role), but he was an ambiguous character whom I cannot act using just those thoughts. While living as Dongshik for six months, I brought my own self, but because I was forced to pull it together, there was something that must be put in the character. My concentration heaved up to 200% when I was filming . Even the times when we did not film during those six months never returned to me. The funny thing is, there were a lot of things that I cannot remember during that time. It seems to be that a lot disappeared in my memories because I lived entirely as Dongshik.
You also finished filming not long ago.
There are only short parts of me because I was a guest actor. Since I do not know if I have pulled (t/n: done) it to the extreme, I am more nervous. I want to help even for a little in this work, the reason is that I certainly must show who my character is even for a short time. But, it is good if it is a supporting or a small role.
Are you not familiar with the life of a protagonist?
I think it is not necessary to take the leading role. I tried a lot of roles until now, so I want to try experiencing also the ones I have not tried yet.
On the other hand, had a ‘disregard’ feeling on many things. I have never thought you can act that comical.
After the drama ended, it took almost one year until . So when I am filming , at the beginning, I also get crazy, bothered and burdensome to the camera. I think that it was like that because I have not acted for a long time. But, I got used to it again at some point. Acting in the did not require much effort, so it was fun. Filming it was really fun. I sent a letter to Sekyung yesterday. I said, “You did well in My Little. Your name was trending on search engines for a long time, isn’t it” (laughs) When the filming ended, it is good to be in good terms like that with the actors you have worked with. I always monitor Jimin nuna also, and Wooshik has been well. It is good.

You will be stopping your activities for more than two years. Is there anything that you want to remove after that time?
Popularity. Even though I am honestly comfortable in not clinging to popularity, I want to break free from being more popular than what I am right now. I want to live while making music and acting the things I want to do. I am trying even now to live like that, but as time goes by, since I want to have deeper thoughts, I will change again the things that I want to do, no? To put down a lot of things the eyes see, I want to go down well. (t/n: from popularity)
What is something that you want to do more?
I want to act well. Even though I am both acting and singing, it seems that there is nothing that I am really good. I got lucky only with the opportunity, and it only looks like I am doing well because of the efforts I was making there. For example, when I just cry, the moment I concentrate, it can look like I am doing well on acting thanks to the delay, but in reality, I am thinking that I am a person who is not good at acting. Someday, I want to try the characters I have not tried yet. Saying, a very ordinary character. “Going down, I can go down like this,” as if I show it like this. Regardless if it was 10 years, or it became 20 years, I want to finish it well because I am going down slowly. When there is an accident, then it means that you did not go down well? If there is one, I may be able to go down within two hours. (laughs)
With only a few days left before you enlist, half of your life has ended now?
It definitely seems like feeling of finishing up until the second half. And, I think it is being ahead of a very long overtime. I did not know that I would get tired a lot because I started working when I was young. Of course, the moments when I worked was fun, but why is there such thing? This is the same as the feeling during the next time I receive the spotlight. Perhaps, I think I am planning to repeatedly find something ordinary in order to fill up that emptiness.
This is an untimely question, but I am going to ask this. Since there will be no time for an interview for a while. Do you think you will be remembered for something you did this year?
Winning eight awards? (laughs) This year, the power of the staffs and fans who helped me, all the power squeezed out of me without that- it seems like I did it with the help given to me. I will be remembered as someone who felt so much gratitude.
What do you want to do on the day before you enlist?
I would like to have a meal at home.


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