29/08 – [News] 11 Aug – JYJ′s Park Yuchun to Enlist in Army Quietly

29/08 – [News] 11 Aug –  JYJ′s Park Yu Chun to Enlist in Army Quietly 

Credit: Mwave

Shared by: 6002sky + Geministar06

Park Yu Chun revealed he will be enlisting in the army quietly.

A rep from C-JeS Entertainment stated on August 11 that Park Yu Chun′s entrance to the training camp will not be made public.

The agency stated, “His [Park Yu Chun′s] own will to enlist quietly and the training camp side′s opinion that media coverage would be difficult were taken together to make this decision.” The agency continued, “We ask for your understanding once again on our decision to keep it private after taking into consideration various difficulties regarding media coverage.”

Instead, the agency rep stated that the 2015 JYJ Membership Week, taking place on August 25, will be a space for Park Yu Chun and Kim Junsu to spend time with fans. The agency stated, “The agency wants to respect Park Yu Chun′s wish to spend time with fans before he enters training camp and to enter quietly.”
Meanwhile, Park Yu Chun will enter training camp on August 27.


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